Science needs YOU!

Anyone can become a citizen scientist. Citizen scientists are people just like you — people with an interest in science who want to participate in scientific research. As a citizen scientist, you partner with scientists and contribute to ongoing research. You will gather valuable data to solve difficult scientific problems and learn more about scientists and the work they do through first-hand experience. Many projects require little to no prior experience, equipment you already have, and minimal time, so it’s easy to get involved!

You can become a citizen scientist right here at the Museum! Visit the Participate page for more information about upcoming citizen science programs, online trainings, and other learning opportunities. The Opportunities page highlights locations within the Museum where you can jumpstart your citizen science experience. Our Current Projects page lists the projects currently ongoing at the Museum.

Citizen scientists help everyone understand our world and our universe a little better every day. Join us in person or online to get involved in citizen science with the Museum today!

Head, Citizen Science: Christine Goforth